Remember, a Home Inspection is simply a "Snapshot in Time." It conveys the condition of the home only at the date and time of the inspection.


The following are some of the inspections that I perform:


If you are in need of a specific inspection that is not listed, please contact me.


Standard Home Inspection

Roof Inspection  Checking out the Crawlspace    Going Under!!

Each standard home inspection includes a visual inspection of the structure, systems, and components of your home, both inside and outside. It will take approximately 2-3 hours, at times longer, depending on various factors.

I will inspect all of the following, when visible and accessible:

Roof    Structural Components    Electrical System

Plumbing System    HVAC System    Attached Garage

Attic and Ventilation    Porch and Deck    Doors

Driveway    Foundation    Interior    Exterior    Windows

Exterior Cladding


I use an Infrared Camera on EVERY Standard Home Inspection!

Area of Missing Insulation over Entry Door   Missing Insulation Shown with IR Photo Missing Insulation over Entry Door

This photo shows area of missing insulation over entry door. Verified while in attic.

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Manufactured and Mobile Home Inspections


Mobile home inspections address the unique concerns that are not found in a standard home.

In addition to the components of a Standard Home Inspection, I will inspect your foundation and body frame for proper installation and safety.

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Move-In Certified


Are you selling your home? Let me inspect it before you list it. A Move-In Certified Home Inspection...

  • Informs you of any problems with your home
  • Allows you the opportunity to address any problems before prospective buyers discover them
  • Helps you show prospective buyers that you are acting in Good Faith
  • Helps you to avoid 11th hour negotiations/delays

Justify your full asking price by having your home pre-inspected and Certified Move-In ready!

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Annual Maintenance Inspection

Since your home is one of the largest investments you may make, it's important to maintain that investment in order for it to last long-term.

As your home ages, the condition of the systems, components, and structure can deteriorate. It is best to find any problems or concerns early. This allows you to make less costly repairs and helps your home last longer.

Let me help you SafeGuard Your Investment by performing an Annual Maintenance Inspection.

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Rural Property Inspection

Do you live in a Rural Area? There are special concerns for rural properties that go beyond the scope of a Standard Home Inspection.

There are fire and other hazards that are particular to barns and other rural outstructures.

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